Who We Are

We are women, we are not made to be hard, vindictive, selfish, or greedy. We are mothers, wives, and daughters. We are the backbone of every country. Without us, basic operations at every level of society would cease. But we do not continue those operations out of fear or obligation, we do it out of... Continue Reading →

Why Does She Stay?

All women, in abusive relationships (and those who are not) are the furthest from weak or people in need of saving you will ever find. Encourage openness, Celebrate the drive to reform. Express understanding, be sincere. Stop questioning why she’s fighting, stop making derogatory remarks about those who fight. Stand up in the fight, before the fight becomes a war. 

Miscommunicated Intentions

You’re influencing the idea that their life is beyond their own control and personal capabilities. Depriving them from learning how they have the power within any circumstance, to expel darkness, prohibiting knowledge that filling light is always within their reach.

A Light In A Dark Place

~by Morgan Rhoades In a time when I have every reason to feel trapped, isolated and alone - I am none of those things in a way that I'll never be able to repay anyone for.

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