A Golden Heart

God must have seen he was getting tired. And a cure was not to be. So he gently put his arms around him; And whispered, “Come With Me.” With tearful eyes I had watched him suffer; And then I saw him fade away. Although, I loved him dearly. It wasn’t up to me; I could... Continue Reading →


Life often casts us in roles that we feel we cannot escape. Into lives that feel like their own alternative to our incarceration;  Roles in the form of bondage from mental illness, a physical impairment, or anything else limiting our reach.  A life in which our world is a prison cell sized realm of safety,... Continue Reading →

Don’t let them wIN.

Recently I found out that the woman my husband had an affair and child with, the woman my children are now calling stepmom, would be around me more often than I'd prefer. The first thing my friend said as advice was, “Every time you see her, hold your head high and a wear a smile... Continue Reading →

Who We Are

We are women, we are not made to be hard, vindictive, selfish, or greedy. We are mothers, wives, and daughters. We are the backbone of every country. Without us, basic operations at every level of society would cease. But we do not continue those operations out of fear or obligation, we do it out of... Continue Reading →

More than Appearance.

I think we got so caught up in being grammatically correct we forgot the value of content and the importance of context. When we look at words and follow their sequence into creating sentences, paragraphs, and the stories they're telling, we are so focused on the appearance and placement of each letter that we missed... Continue Reading →

Miscommunicated Intentions

You’re influencing the idea that their life is beyond their own control and personal capabilities. Depriving them from learning how they have the power within any circumstance, to expel darkness, prohibiting knowledge that filling light is always within their reach.

We Have The Ability To Fix It

It's going to be difficult, it's going to take tearing our personal world down and rebuilding it with better perspective, but it will be the most worthwhile thing we ever do! ~By Morgan Rhoades

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