We are all individually accountable for the state of the world.

As a society, we rely too heavily on context clues and the heuristics we’ve lazily and non subjectively adopted to make decisions. We have essentially gotten rid of compassion, freelance thinking, and personable affiliation.

Simple Definition of "heuristics" ---In psychology, heuristics are simple, efficient rules, learned or hard-coded by evolutionary processes, that have been proposed to explain how people make decisions, come to judgments, and solve problems typically when facing complex problems or incomplete information.

Without these things, we can not prosper, nor thrive. And we are running out of the rations we had left to try and survive. We are declining quickly, as everyone can see. But this isn’t just the economy that is crashing, it’s not a war that will eventually end, and it’s not the darkness before the dawn. We are declining in the very fact that we are all human.

We have surrendered to inappropriate mannerisms and we’ve cultivated mental illnesses. We have stopped loving life and we’ve started longing for whats after it. We’ve stopped caring about our fellow humans, as we think they fail to care about us, and we pray for each other in silence as we wait for this life to be over…

But once this life is over – we will still be side by side.. we will still be of similar form and we will still be who we are. Why are we waiting until we’re saved to start working on ourselves?? We do not have to wait for salvation or absolution – in fact, while waiting for those things – while ignoring the cries of the people around you – even if you’re whole heart goes out to them but not your efforts- You are not living a righteous life worthy of Gods grace..

We need to make this world a better place, or none of us will be going to the next. We need to come together – and stop negotiating who does what part of the cleanup. We are all accountable for the teeny tiny pieces we all have within us that we can give; our pieces that make up every puzzle piece for each coveted picture of all encompassing life to be complete.

We can no longer rely on what we think we know. Who decided 1+1=2 and who decided that a person whose homeless must be a drug addict anyway?? Or that a charge or even conviction is 100% true? Someone did and although I was being silly about the math one; somewhere along the way we got caught up in perceptions that are cancerous to the well-being of humanity. We lazily continue to pick them up and apply them to our subconscious assessments of our world.We are fueling the insidious growth and then behaving as if we can’t conquer or cure it.

Break free from stigma and outdated heuristics. Advocate for perspective and dismiss perceptions. You don’t have to feel the reach of influence all the way up the ladder – be content with the reach of your neighbor. If we all only held ourselves to this – to thinking without relying on assumptions – we’d already be changed.

Notice how simple that sounds? Just do it ourselves and the problem would be fixed… are you thinking that there is no way it’s that easy. If you are – you’re already failing.

“Whoever told you changing yourself is easy???”

This is going to be hard. It is going to take the same, if not more, amount of will, determination, power of mind, and self control as quitting cigarettes or any other addiction. It will take consistent self awareness and constant self assessments to make sure you haven’t fallen into an old way of determining what you are doing and thinking right now.

Our heuristics are not all going to be wrong, but I can give you one freebie – if they cause you to label another person. It’s wrong. Even if it still seems right – remember how hard you’re trying to change, they’re trying too. How much easier is it to change when someone already believes you have?? Hold them responsible if you see or hear them slip up but do not assume that they are and do not assume that they will again.

Its not admitting that you’ve been doing anything wrong, to employ your power to change. Even our heavenly father needed an eye opener, but once he got it – he didn’t let his pride or fear ignore it. He embraced us harder. He seemed like a pretty strict dude until he became a father to an obediently defiant son. A son who choose to stand up to his father, in place of us, to plead for our forgiveness. Then gave his life. A pain that as a parent I pray diligently to never feel, but a feeling that made God understand and relate to our suffering, what we endure here on earth.

He got his son back obviously, (which is a little bit of using his powers for personal gain. But I think we can let it slide.. ) but he wasn’t the same father he was before.. he changed the law of Moses’ severity, he became more ‘forgiveness with respect’ rather than ‘judgments and obedience.’

I think we too often forget the impact of our individual footprints until we see our children trying to follow them, fill them, or erase them. Everything we do, everyday is a representation of who we are and what we live in. So say the kinder remark, tip a little more, condemn a lot less. Pick up your trash, pay the extra to recycle, and volunteer as a family. Inspire others to greatness instead of scrutinizing their failures. We’re never going to give this wold back to God perfect, but we can give it back in progress… and a work in progression is the ultimate gift and best of all he understands.

He too had to see the world through the eyes of his child to understand how he could do things a little bit better. He also had to feel strife so he could understand. There will be pain at points, it will be hard. But we owe it to those we love, and those they love and those their loves’ love to be even just a little bit better. And we owe it to God to follow his example and to respect the gift he gave us with more determination to nurture every gift he’s given, everyone.

It’s going to be difficult, it’s going to take tearing our personal world down and rebuilding it with better perspective , but it will be the most worthwhile thing we ever do!

Sincerely Me,

Morgan Rhoades

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