Who We Are

We are women,
we are not made to be hard, vindictive, selfish, or greedy.

We are mothers, wives, and daughters.
We are the backbone of every country.

Without us, basic operations at every level of society would cease.

But we do not continue those operations out of fear or obligation,
we do it out of love.

A selfless, beautiful love;
that is not matched by any other force on earth.

Women have the innate ability to command respect
Without demanding worship.
and The ability to change our approach;
not our tone of voice.

Woman are not weak,
and we are not damaged.

We need to remember that,
we need to stop letting anyone tell us differently.

And we need to recognize the faulty thought process within ourselves;
when we start to examine another woman and think she’s in need of rescuing.
A Woman may need assistance;
but she can rescue herself.

We are not men,
not that they are worse or that we are better.
Just that we do not need what they desire.
that they do not desire the things we want.

We are not in it for recognition.
Women do not have egos to maintain
or images to uphold.

We are exactly who we are in every moment;
and each version of that is acceptable and beautiful.
We are not a contradiction,
we are perfect opposition.

We as women,
need to ground ourselves back in the ways of our grandmothers
and great grandmothers.

Who didn’t need their face on the poster,
they were confident knowing
they are the brain behind the campaign;
calling for need of the poster.

Social validation was not sought to confirm worth,
Their family and home was more than enough to do that.
They knew they were enough,

and showed up to every occasion wearing that confidence.


We have all fallen victim to the idea of greener pastures being

wherever it is that we are not.

We want the rights and privileges of the party sitting next to us;
believing they have it easier and we want to move in.

But greener pastures cannot be given or taken, they must be grown.

Wherever a woman is,
a Lucious green pasture, she will grow.
However she chooses and when it is to be so.

We don’t need to enforce the barbaric idea that in order to gain something,
it has to first be lost by someone else.

Our freedoms shoudn’t come
at putting someone behind bars, or limiting their wealth.

We don’t need to earn equal rights to men.
We need to surpass them.
We need to challenge them.
We need to create them.

We need to nurture and reform our country,
not just protest to be acknowledged as a part of it.

We are woman, we love first and figure it out second.
And let me repeat; we are not weak.

Lets stand together, for a better tomorrow.
Not just one in which the tables are turned;
and the odds are now in our favor.

But one that offers a brighter future for our daughters;

Offer forgiveness for the injustices we’ve endured.
Together we can stop the cycle.

We do not have to hurt because we were hurt.

We can be more than that;
we have more to offer than that.
We are already more than that.

We are not those who hurt us.

So let us show them they were right to be intimidated by us,
but wrong to fear us.

Lets show the world gracefully, who we really are.


One thought on “Who We Are

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  1. That all goes out the window when a fist is introduced and a woman gives away that strength more and more when that fist is introduced again and again.
    When forgiveness does not eliminate the fist and love does not stop abuse, well where is the strength.
    In my opinion it takes more strength to change theirselves and accept that abuse is hate and not love..
    ” Sweetheart I’m going to bash you in the head just so I can show how much I love you, and you can forgive me so I’ll know how much you love me”.
    This article isn’t saying to accept that that hurts us. It says that we can be strong and over come what or who hurts us, and be strong during the pain we experience.
    Be strong, but especially be smart. (That doesn’t mean intelligence but SMART)


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