More than Appearance.

I think we got so caught up in being grammatically correct we forgot the value of content and the importance of context.

When we look at words and follow their sequence into creating sentences, paragraphs, and the stories they’re telling, we are so focused on the appearance and placement of each letter that we missed the point, and we started filling in the details using our context.

We read and we notice that it hopefully wasn’t their intention to imply they’re on their way to the lake.

But we completely missed the beauty of the lake and the fun within a day spent there.

When we hear what we’ve read, is it in the tone of the author, or do we hear our inner voice enunciating, pausing, structuring the sentence the way we would say it?

We feel sadness, anger, love, betrayal etc but are we feeling what the author is feeling, or are we feeling what we’d feel if it were happening to us?

If you read about a restaurant, are you smelling the freshly baked bread the author is excited about or is your nose filled with the time you were seated too closely to the restroom?

We have intellectually become superficial and self absorbed people.

While unintentional, it’s still a bad habit.

However much we wish technology didn’t exist, it’s not going to magically disappear. We can wish television and Internet spread more rainbows and unicorns but they determined more numbers come from the darker sides of things.

We also can’t change the amount they’re within our lives. Even when we limit the time spent on devices (limiting the medias reach) and we went out; We’re just walking out to more technology and our interactions are with people in some part of their own real life/technology ratio and our allotted times for each rarely match up.

But we can’t resign ourselves to what has become out of ignorance to what we didn’t ask for or helplessness over our level of influence.
So, how do we fix it, without being able to change anything about it? How do we recover from insidious effects of technology, while we continue in the same life that caused them?

We fix ourselves, (I know I sound like a broken record.)

We didn’t ask for it, most of us were nothing like it before media bombarded us constantly with negative reports and the abundance of things to fear. There are some who were cynical and superficial before the explosion of the information highway, but now, media and it’s bias towards the negative and fear has validated and exaggerated their dispositions. Regardless of where we started though, at some point, we have all changed.

We need to be accountable for our context in which we discern what we see when we read and we need to remember to look past the appearance of what we see and listen to what is being read.

So much of our day is based solely in print. Our judgments of everything from personal, to political, to societal, and even spiritual are passed based entirely using a two dimensional, vague, compilation of letters.

We are not just onlookers, while we spend the greater part of our days forming our view of the world and the people in it, based on nothing more than what we see on paper, and while using our own context to understand it. We are creating the future and we are influencing the kind of conditions in which it will develop.

We can’t force change in the media in it’s bias, we can’t rid the world of negative actions, and we can’t eliminate technology or halt it’s advancement.

But we can change how we see it.

And the greatest, most impossible and influential accomplishments all started, as small steps, by one person, in the right direction.


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