Day of Rest, spent celebrating his works.

Because it’s Sunday, and also because I finally made it to the reason for meeting when meeting with the Bishop!! Up until today we would meet, discuss life and scripture, and then it’d all of a sudden be too late for the interview so we’d reschedule, rinse, and repeat.

But today we did it. Today, this woman, got her Temple Recommend!

While I’m elated and I have a lot to say about it, today I just want to express my joy and excitement by telling you what I know about why God is Perfect.

My thought started at:

“Why  perfect? Everyone Agrees that he is.  How could he possibly be though? Perfect knowledge along with perfect application of it wouldn’t change and God changes all of the time. He’s a harsh judge, then a merciful one. He’s a strict father, but then he displays upmost compassion through the voice of a prophet running across a field to meet his son who’d left unfavorably years before. He is demanding and threatening his will be done, but then he forgets the fact that it wasn’t done,  ever happened in the first place? Why do we hold him to insane standards and whats up with the inconsistency?”

 I should probably clarify, that I’m not questioning the validity of what is, I know and knew God is perfect – just as I knew I had faith before I recognized what it was that I had been doing all these years. My understandings start from knowing the answer – I’m just trying to find the path in the middle, not for validation or reassurance; but because I don’t know how to improve on that which I don’t know. I can follow my faith without understanding, no problem, I Trust whose leading me. But as a mother and a wife, I’m needed as a guide as well. And in that, I need more established footprints to follow,  as I now follow facing behind me.

Omniscient, Omnipotent, and perfect all feel and sound like absolutes. I don’t have a lot of confidence with anything being absolute so obviously, I had to dig deeper.

Also, It doesn’t feel right  to leave our Description of our father, who literally moved mountains, filled oceans, opened space, and gave us life,  at an empty and plain; “everything, always, the beginning, the last.”

I wanted to know what, even in his perfection, he is unable to teach us without experiencing ourselves? How could an attitude thats unreliable, ever changing, and forgetful be a perfect example to follow, and how do you do follow it?

More importantly, how do I successfully argue his case when my boys or anyone else wonder on these things too, but with less favorable reasons for questioning it.


God is perfect in the fact that he isn’t,

in his entirety, perfect for any ONE of us;

but he is to all of us.

In the varying, even contradictory, descriptions of his personality traits while he’s regarded with endearing, yet equally lacking in consistency terms, as accompanying adjectives to his role as our father.. it is not God that is changing at all.

The people that are hearing him are.

God is consistent in that he loves each of us specifically and is stable within that relationship. But he’s not just speaking to one of us, he’s talking to all of us. He has perfected the ability to talk to those from different social classes, cultural backgrounds, environmental factors, life circumstances, etc, simultaneously and individually but not separately.

To get people to listen, you have to converse in the way that they hear and understand.
Even within the same language and using the same sentence, if you enunciate the wrong word,  it’s a whole new meaning. Yet our creator is able to deliver each sentence in a way to be heard correctly by everyone, regardless.

The extent in his knowledge of us into how we relate to one another, and his utilization of it to mold himself in that knowledge, of how each individual person will come to see him as their father, is humbling to say the least; but the dedication to the individual relationship with each of us in using that knowledge to also nurture us, and to cater to that which we didn’t get from our earthly father is a sentiment beyond describable using any terms here on earth symbolizing  love, compassion, or selfless actions therein.

God exemplifies perfect love in his loving of us, he goes the extra mile, every time, everyday, unconditionally. Even when we aren’t anywhere near the track, he finds us and he speaks to us in how we will hear him. Solely, so we can come back. God knows us, and further, he put that knowledge into a book, one he delivered intently thousands of years ago, knowing we would come to be and read it. In hopes we’d understand our place is within it and learn that he has an individual plan for every one of us, spoken to each of us, personally and perfectly through it, Not as an all encompassing, general rule book. But as our personal  and specific designed roadmap on the struggle home.

In the opposing stances, inconsistent portrayals, and subject to intrepretation methods or wording used when we study about him, he may not look perfect to all of us,

but if we listen to him he is perfect for each of us.

and even Miriam Webster Could not define Omniscient any  more perfectly  than that.

God can do everything, just like he always has.

As he loved in the beginning, he will love on the last.

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