Father’s Day for a Father whose far away.

Whether you’re just down the hall, dad.
Or we’re miles apart.
You’re the man that I look up to.
I love you with all of my heart.

It’s more fun when you’re home though.
When I get to bug you to wake up and play.
But, it’s okay because I know you love us,
You are always here even when you have to be so far away.

You taught me how to be strong, dad,
Remember when you told me that we always protect and take care of our family?
Well I’ve been listening to mom a lot dad
and I’ve been trying to show and teach my brothers understanding.

But dad, this life is a little bit hard though.
You didn’t tell me that it was so much work.
You never told me that mom is a handful,
And you didn’t mention that us kids, sometimes we’re just jerks.

Today is your day dad,
But, I think you owe one to me too.
You may be the best father that ever existed.
But I’ve been really great at filling in your shoes.

Hey dad, you can have them back now though.
You know that? I’m really okay.
My feet are just a little too small for now.
And they look better on you anyway.

Plus, mom is getting a little extra crazy lately.
She misses you more and more everyday.
I don’t know how you guys do it, daddy.
From what I’ve seen; going against the grain for love isn’t very safe.

But I’m happy that you both do,
No matter how scary or uncertain the fate
You hold us tighter, band together
and stare every monster in the face.

You taught me that it’s okay to feel broken sometimes,
But only if I stand back up
And when I do, I stand up straight.
I can’t wait to learn more from you daddy,
Even though I miss you, it’s worth the wait.

It’s been a long time now,
I hope the doctors are making you better than okay.
Mom helped us make a special surprise for you,
So be sure to look out your window later on today.

Ry and I colored the sign dad,
Asher wanted to do something too.
but there isn’t a lot he can do yet, did you know that dad?
So those drool stains, over there in the corner,
Those are really, very special from him, for you.

I think mom tried on every dress in the world dad.
She said she was looking for the one that was special
One that made her feel just as beautiful;
as you always do.

It took a while but she found one dad,
And it’s beautiful as you can obviously see.
But remember, this year, this day isn’t just yours dad,
And that beautiful smile she’s wearing,
Yeah, That one.
That one came from me.

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