To Whomever Thought They Needed Our Things More Than Us….

I want to thank you for making me feel afraid again, for triggering the fear in me that reminds me the world is unsafe. The fear that makes the choice between staying here or stepping out the door a matter of life and death. Thank you for this unwelcome feeling, in which I’m drowning above water because I know it’s not life and death but I don’t know how to make it feel any differently than that.
Alongside my security, You took so many other things, from my wedding ring to my notebook. You took Clothes, books, shoes, phones, tablets, and the sub woofers. A stroller, sunglasses, the baby mirror, and a Star Wars umbrella.
My three boys and I are alone. We’re already going through a special version of hell; You didn’t take our extra, you took our what was left over. You took the memories worth saving and you took the representation of the future that they were supposed to build.
You don’t know me or my boys, you didn’t know our story. You didn’t search us out, but you did chose us nonetheless. We are vulnerable, easy to be made victims, we aren’t anything to fear. Even subconsciously, this is what the little voice was whispering into your ear.
You didn’t know us, but you will if you continue on this road that your on. You’ll hear us each time you call home, and you’ll see us in your family whenever they visit. You’ll be praying they catch a break, they didn’t earn what they’ve been given. But this life doesn’t offer breaks and you can’t buy or earn an easier way. This world Is hard for everyone, it doesn’t care who you are. And the only thing this life let’s you choose; is if you spend yours behind bars.
If you look Inside the computer you took – among over 10,000 pictures and hundreds of notes; you’ll easily see a folder; one that I’ve labeled

“it’s never too late to start over” –

that’s where I keep my aspirations; my dreams and my plans. My motivations, the supporting evidence, and facts in support of me and my stance.
You don’t know this but right now, I’m in the middle of fighting for people who’ve made decisions leading to actions just like you. I’m here standing up for YOUR right to be seen as more than how this action will define you.
So Go through it, read some of the things that I’ve said. Then Give your family the things you took from mine, but give them as gifts of promise instead.
It’s not too late to start over. Every single second you have the opportunity to restart your own life.
Don’t wait until the choice is being made for you, choose for yourself, your own family tonight.


Morgan Rhoades

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