The Best Investment You Can Make Is One Within Yourself

There will always be those who say you are too young and delicate,

That you could never make anything happen by yourself.

But they don’t see the part of you that smolders.

Barely burning but bringing you back your health.

So adorn your armor proudly, find your sword, and use your own two hands.

Show them delicacy in action,

Direct them confidently in your plan.

Move forward with conviction,

Teach them to Lead with grace upon man.

You are the heart of untamed compassion.

Though you ignite fires wherever it is that you go.

But fire is what brings warmth and light;

And yours is a magnificent light to behold.

You are the first drop of a hurricane,

Yet your faith and bravery build beyond all destruction.

You are needed to inspire the next generation of young girls;

forging themselves under similar presumptions.

Of Being told That she is too fragile;

She could never withstand the monsters of this world.

You are here to expose the real monsters they need fear of;

Are the products of big dreams inside of those little girls.

You do not need to grow old to find greatness.

Your worth is not determined by lapse of time.

There is unprecedented strength inside of you,

An unmatched power of its own kind.

This world is yours to set on fire.

As its from ashes, we grow and learn.

Don’t hesitate to do that which is needed of you;

You need not be afraid to burn.

~Morgan Rhoades

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