Everything is not okay, but that is okay.

As of right now you’re allowed to let everything go.. Call family/friends/crisis nursery for the kids, spend this day (And maybe tomorrow) gathering every thought, memory, obligation, duty, anger, and fear.

Breath them in, then let them go. Envision the release, act it out, shake it off, write it down, and burn the notebook. Do it all- but don’t get rid of the pictures.  Ignore them but trust me, you’ll want them.

But now, dig deep but not to find strength. Don’t be strong, don’t distract yourself, you do not need to be a victorious survivor…. not today.  You are beautiful, worthy, and you have earned this day through blood sweat and tears that fall wearily at its feet.

Mourn.  Recover.

The battle is far from over and you have less soldiers at your side now.

You can dislike them for that but don’t become them.  Do not harden your heart. Lead by example.  Be more.  In every single way, always be more than is expected, even of yourself.

Expect the best from life in return but don’t rely upon it.  Don’t allow who you are to be contingent upon anyone or anything else ever again.

Everyone has an opinion but for yours to be heard, you first need to listen.

Listen, breath it in. Is it a better approach, a change to gain understanding? If so, let it influence your opinion, improve it.

If not — let it go.  Respectfully shut it down and improve your understanding of your own opinion in another way .

You are in full control of who your are now.  You get to choose how you pick up the pieces.  They can’t be shook off forever.  They are inevitably yours.  But that’s ok.

~Morgan Rhoades

Thank you for visiting my blog.  Please visit our site Saving A.R.C. for more information about how you can get help if you are finding obstacles at every turn.

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